Case Study

Seizing the

Position VSP as the leader of vision care as health care by elevating the importance of getting an annual eye exam.

Measuring the Momentum:

“Find a Doctor” Searches Driven Within One Month

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More Impressions Delivered Across All Audiences

Increase in Social Mentions of VSP and Eye Health

Uncovering the insight:

An eye exam is literally so much more than meets the eye. Life-threatening illnesses can be detected just by visiting an eye doctor.

Landing the idea:

Figure out a way to speak to three different target audiences while delivering three different messages. Simultaneously.

Educate our consumer audience that an eye exam could literally save their life. Then, convince employers to encourage employees to use their vision insurance to visit an optometrist, for both their health and productivity. Finally, remind eye doctors that they can rely on the VSP Premier Program exclusively to attract more patients. Empower said doctors with a customizable online toolkit to promote their practices to current and potential patients. Once you’ve got the messaging, package it up and deliver it using a novel targeting approach, narrowing the media exposure to precise demos nationwide. More bang for the buck, and more than meets the eye.

Wrapping it up:

We brought to life VSP’s campaign of “See well. Be well.” We also convinced our audience that seeing a VSP Premier doctor was worth the visit. And we did it during a pandemic. Effective messaging meeting a carefully crafted media plan.


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