Case Study

Seizing the

Generate intrigue for St. Louis tourism in a fresh way to attract new and old tourists alike.

Measuring the Momentum:

Increase In Tourism Spending

Boost Over
Previous Year

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Tourist Visits

YoY Site Traffic

Uncovering the insight:

St. Louis kinda exists in the shadow of better-known neighboring cities like Chicago and Nashville. As such, their tourism pitch needs to work harder. And smarter.

Landing the idea:

Since nobody knows a city quite like the people who grew up there, tap some famous St. Louis locals to hype their home; to express their love for all the things that make the Lou unique. Not just the Gateway Arch or the Cardinals, but the stuff only native folks know. From riverfront paths to hidden speakeasies. Give audiences a unique view of a city that only an insider could provide. A view like none they’ve ever seen.

Wrapping it up:

We increased tourism by 5% and increased tourism spending by 10%. And, because the campaign came from such an authentic place, we also instilled a sense of civic pride in those who call St. Louis home.


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