Case Study

Seizing the

Craft timely, effective, thumb-stopping, six-second social videos that look and feel organic on today’s trendiest apps. Kick a project off and go live within days.

Measuring the Momentum:

Pioneered the Use of TikTok for Local McDonald’s Markets

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More Efficient Cost Per
Restaurant Visit

(Versus Benchmark)

Incremental Lift in
Multicultural Audience
Restaurant Visits

(In Select Markets)

Uncovering the insight:

To avoid getting skipped, an ad’s delivery is just as important as its deliverables. If you wanna be effective, you gotta be entertaining. A good way to do that? Connect a brand to relevant trends in a timely manner.

Landing the idea:

Reference the trends, vibes, tropes, and lingo our audience expects on their favorite apps. But don’t stop there. Be fast and scrappy with ideation and production, delivering on-trend, on-brand content that keeps faces glued to phones. Ads that feel organic, so that eyes stay focused on offers. Pepper in analytics optimization and tailored targeting, and get a recipe for incredibly engaging, super-effective content.

Wrapping it up:

We cut down and crushed production schedules, allowing us to produce on-trend, on-brand content and push it out while it was still relevant. We shot six pieces of content in an 8-hour shoot day. We made homegrown stuff worth watching, and proved it’s possible that commercial content can still be cool. We increased visitors while decreasing their cost per visit.


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Unleashing potential.
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