Case Study

Seizing the

Optimize the impact of Toyota’s global sports sponsorships. Make them worth more than just the famous logos in our ads. Specifically, by making them resonate for Toyota’s regional NorCal audience.

Measuring the Momentum:

34-Year Partnership with H/L

Considered Brand

Above Nearest

brand slash

Trusted Brand


Increase in
Four Years

In Market Share

Highest in the Country

Uncovering the insight:

“World class” competitions like the Olympics and other major sporting events take on new meaning when the home team is involved.

Landing the idea:

Ignite passion in the hearts of our regional audience by hand-picking the perfect professional athletes to partner with Toyota. Global stars with Northern California roots, and characteristics that pair perfectly with key product attributes. From Major League Baseball to the Olympics: Link our athletes’ successes with Toyota’s market leadership, and make the two synonymous.

Wrapping it up:

We strengthened the emotional connection that regional consumers had with the brand, and locked in the loyalty Toyota deserves. Year after year, we make sure NorCal’s leading home team is Toyota. From helping them become the #1 Considered Brand to being #1 in Market Share.


Opening opportunities.

Unleashing potential.

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