Case Study

Seizing the

Effectively connecting NorCal Toyota’s advertising to increased dealership sales.

Effie Silver Award

Winner: Silver
Category: Data-Driven Marketing

Measuring the Momentum:

decreased cost per sale among first-party audiences while increasing media spend

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in Northern California

Increased lead close rate by

Uncovering the insight:

With countless paths one can take to a dealership, our Sales Match Back system had to map the exact journey each buyer took, connecting a large amount of data points.

Landing the idea:

Mapping the purchaser’s journey empowered us to optimize which audiences we targeted, which media channels we used, our sales tactics, and our creative—all based on what we knew had sold Toyotas.

Wrapping it up:

It paid off with impressive results. We saw an 87% decrease in cost per sale among first-party audiences. This also resulted in a 13% increase in lead closure rate for our Northern California dealers. Not only did we help Toyota maintain the #1 spot in market share, but unlike the competition that optimize based on online-only actions, we optimized directly to sales.


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