The first step in recovery is admitting you have a problem. A major problem that has plagued marketing professionals is the lack of cohesive data between media channels. Measurement across TV, CTV, desktop, and mobile, should be unified and that starts with the ability to measure across all your advertising to understand its true reach and impact. H/L uses a converged measurement approach that brings teams together and informs more unified activation through reach analysis, frequency management, and conversion insights.

Let H/L’s Analytics Director, Tim Schatz, and Programmatic Media Director, Jeremy Cobb, take you through real-life examples of clients like Toyota, who measure TV & Digital holistically to make in-flight optimizations.

“Many brands advertise on TV and digital channels to reach their target audiences across all the screens and devices that they own. Campaigns can reach these audiences across traditional TV, Connected TV, mobile & desktop devices. Historically, it has been challenging to understand how these channels work together, and what is the impact of exposure across multiple screens. Recent advancements in identity resolution, TV exposure tracking, and cross-channel attribution have enabled advertisers to better understand how TV and digital work together.

In this video, Jeremy and I join Tim Spengler, GM of Advanced TV at Amobee, to discuss how H/L has leveraged this technology to improve the effectiveness of our clients’ campaigns. Our discussion was part of Adweek’s Convergent TV Summit, which focused on how TV advertising has evolved in terms of planning, execution, and measurement. TV just isn’t the same as it used to be. Now there is Connected TV, full length video produced & hosted by Netflix and other services, and other media platforms like YouTube in the mix. These layers of complexity require advanced analytics to make sense of it all, and H/L is at the forefront of this movement. Watch the full video to get more details, and please reach out if you are interested in learning more about H/L’s advanced analytics services!”

-Tim Schatz, Analytics Director

“Running media campaigns for a political consulting firm taught me the need to think holistically and to be efficient with every dollar in as near time as possible. Campaigns are made and won by thinking across both digital and traditional channels. Having the most advanced tools on the market gives you that slight advantage against your competitors that can take your campaign over the line.

The development of automated content recognition (ACR) on smart TV’s and set top boxes has given us an ability to go past the gross rating point (GRP) to understand where, who and when our ads are being shown on television. Digital ads and mass online consumption has allowed us to understand consumers better than they do themselves. Giving us the ability not only to hyper target the right users but to follow them down the path of conversion.

Please watch Tim Schatz, Tim Spengler and I as we dive into how H/L has leveraged our advanced reporting suite, that lets you understand media across digital and TV/cable. Allowing you to understand how each channel effects the next. Giving you insights to trends as they happen on a monthly cadence and allowing you to adjust your media mix to optimize to maximize each dollar. We talk through two case studies showing the power of this report which lead to success for a tier 2 auto client and a regional auto club client. ”

-Jeremy Cobb,Programmatic Media Director
H/L Partners

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