Congratulations to our Momentum Makers – Rudy Vivas and Stephanie Relova. Both have received the 2023 Josh Nichol & Valerie Bailey award which recognizes H/L employees for outstanding achievement.

Rudy Vivas

Rudy is known for his strong interpersonal skills, positive attitude, and can-do approach to every assignment. Rudy is always known to be fighting for the best work for both his clients and his agency teammates. He is a pillar on the McDonald’s account as a whole, often sharing his insights and experience beyond just his own region. He sits on the Human Equity Council and has worked to establish our Enrich Mi Gente Affinity group to share and celebrate Latinx culture throughout our agency.

Stephanie Relova

Steph is the consummate volunteer in any project that advances the agency, her team, or a cause. She’s known for her quiet confidence, selflessness, intelligence, and leadership savvy. In addition to her full duties at Toyota, Steph took on a driving role in the agency rebranding project, as well as award submissions and many new business and public relations efforts in 2023—always with her steady confidence, maturity, and compassionate leadership that rallies teams around everything she champions.