Today, the retail environment is more fast-paced and customized than ever, and your sales force has more on their plates than ever. As a retail focused marketing agency, we recognized the need for easy to use, real time communication solutions to reduce this stress and increase proper execution at the point of consumer interaction.

For our client McDonald’s, we recognized that Managers and staff are juggling store-level communication from both national and local marketing programs. Historically, execution was spotty at best. We developed MyPOPMenu, an online, real time retail execution tool designed to communicate with employess on the front lines to make sure that every opportunity is maximized. Employees simply log in to see a customized view of their location’s merchandising configuration.


They can quickly see what merchandising elements to put up in the proper location and which elements to take down or repurpose. It provides e-mail alerts and reminders as needed for merchandising, events, training, product updates, best bets, altered promotional timing or any other communication that helps them be informed to better serve the consumer to ultimately drive more traffic and profits.

If you think there’s an opportunity to improve your store level execution and learn more about MyPOPMenu – contact us and we will give you a personalized walkthrough.