In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, the United Nations sent out a request to creatives across the world, asking for help in getting important messaging into the hands of the general public. H/L answered this call, and focused specifically on busting myths, to curtail misinformation about the virus that can mislead the public.

We decided to write an engaging song and an accompanying video to capture our audience’s attention. Our team was physically apart, so we collaborated entirely from our respective homes. We had video chat jamming sessions, live performances crooning from cell phone speakers, a shared document with ever-changing lyrics, and countless instant message chains.

Despite the distance, our project came together.

The tone of our video is lighthearted, but it doesn’t skirt the gravity of the situation. The lyrics drive home exactly what is true and what is false, and what we can all do to stop the spread of this deadly disease. But a warning, catchy lyrics (and some life-saving facts) are bound to get stuck in your head.