Reflecting on a remarkable year at H/L

We made so much momentum in 2023. We earned awards for our work, and accolades for our culture. We made an impact on the future of our industry and communities across the country. And our brand and agency grew in extraordinary ways.

We’re so thankful for all that our client partners and our people have helped us accomplish in 2023. Here are some of the highlights.

Breathing new life into our brand

This year, we took a bold step by reevaluating our brand. By delving into the essence of H/L, we’ve unearthed the very best of our spirit, crafting a renewed identity that promises a more significant impact and enduring value for our clients and communities.

Investing in advertising’s future

We made momentum in the Oakland Unified Public School District, proudly awarding seven scholarships to high school students from underserved communities. These scholarships aim to fuel dreams and create pathways for the next generation of talents in advertising, marketing, and design.

Josh Nichol scholarship recipients

Elevating the employee experience

In 2023, we leveled up our commitment to creating an exceptional workplace. And our efforts didn’t go unnoticed. H/L was recognized by The Business Journals as one of the Best Places to Work. The agency was a recipient of the prestigious Digiday Worklife 50 Award, and most recently, winner of Outside Magazine’s Best Places to Work.

Serving Paella across the nation

From the shores of Hawaii to the streets of Boston, our collective efforts in Project Paella have left an indelible mark. Over 125 H/Lers volunteered more than 350 hours, supporting 20 different organizations dedicated to feeding the hungry, assisting with animal adoptions, cleaning up urban areas and beaches, and preserving our outdoor spaces.

Project Paella

Wolfhouse goes wild

It’s been a huge year for Wolfhouse, our creative production powerhouse. With an astounding 350 completed productions, the impact of our storytelling reverberates across all of our clients.

Behind the scenes

H/L takes center stage

The spotlight found us in 2023, with big wins at the Marcom Awards. H/L showcased its excellence with two Platinum wins for our collaboration with Toyota and Jonny Moseley, a Gold accolade for Toyota multicultural work, and another Gold for our own rebrand.

Learning from the best and brightest

Our Momentum Monthly Speaker Series has brought inspiration and insights to new heights, welcoming THREE US Olympic gold medalists and the head of FIFA International refereeing. We’ve ignited conversations that transcend boundaries and elevate our collective knowledge.

As we bid farewell to this incredible year, let’s carry this momentum forward. Happy Holidays from H/L.