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Talent, a solid game plan, and mastery of Momentum are the keys to winning in sports at all levels. The same holds true for branded sports sponsorships.

At H/L we’ve maximized our clients’ ROI on sports sponsorships and affiliations, increasing buyer consideration, building brand affinity, and generating extra media coverage and driving off-the-charts regional fan engagement for decades.

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The logo at the end… is just the beginning.

Brock Purdy Fast Content

In the case of Toyota and Brock Purdy, the once improbable starting quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, we’ve done more merely place a logo at the end of the commercial. We’ve stoked the popularity surrounding the rise of a national star on a local level, garnering maximum visibility for our client.

We wrote, produced, directed, and placed 100% in-house-created messaging for Toyota, with an authentic celebration of Toyota’s membership in good standing among the Niners’ Faithful. This feel-good message for all fans highlights the parallel value Toyota has with Purdy – “there is no ‘Best.’ Only better.” And positions both as strong, resilient, and reliable.

We’re no rookies in big-league sponsorships.

Measuring the Momentum for Toyota:

34-Year Partnership with H/L

Considered Brand

Above Nearest

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Trusted Brand


Increase in
Four Years

In Market Share

Highest in the Country

H/L Sports Partnerships H/L Sports Partnerships

Sports sponsorships for McDonald’s:
We’re Lovin’ It

McDonald's logo

H/L views sports partnerships as investments with an expected ROI. Before we partner with any sports brand or individual for McDonald’s, we develop strategies and related tactics to engage fans in an additional transaction that we can track. We also leverage our restaurant traffic and our app users to drive engagement back to our sports partners. Activating a sponsorship goes far beyond swapping logos and placing them in a stadium or at our restaurants. It’s about changing consumer behavior by adding a visit to McDonald’s.

Whose house? Our house!

Wolfhouse logo

For productions big and small, content to broadcast, nothing comes close to the home-team advantage we have in Wolfhouse Productions. Our expertise and experience covers the entire project, in house, from concept development to production, special effects, music/sound, and post production services. This direct-service offering allows us to perform at elite levels, optimizing your spend in production value, rather than mark-ups from outside vendors.

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