Was Built on the Automotive Platform


H/L is performance-tuned for Tier 2 Automotive, because we know that’s where the rubber meets the road. And selling cars has fueled our passion for more than 30 years. Our specialty is creating retail-powered strategies that ground your Dealer Network’s business in the localized brand messages you need to speak directly to your customers. Our passion is delivering this with responsive handling to drive your sales.


It goes hand-in-hand with cars, especially when selling them. We’re always ready to turn on a dime – to adjust offers, build mini-campaigns, reset media levels, etc., even in real time – to quickly change your challenges into opportunites.

Our world-class in-house production team, Wolfhouse, along with our experts in all advertising disciplines also allow us to get effective, game-changing broadcast and digital work tailored to your needs on the air or Internet, often in days, versus weeks. You need a team experienced in the challenges that factory relatons, inventory planning and market micro-trends place on your business.


Your market is unlike any other. You need a team behind you that knows how to reach it. Our media footprint extends nationwide, with local media buys in every corner of the country. We can optimize and maximize your media spend and fine tune it right down to individual households, if necessary.

Your advertising should go beyond just filling national shells. It should be dialed in to your area, responsive to your sales trends and geared to amplifying your strengths with your local consumers. Our expertise in multicultural marketing, creating messaging targeted for specific demographic and psychographic divides, responding to cultural influences and more delivers the customized approach you need to drive sales in your area.


Your business demands more than a one-size-fits-all answer. We customize our approach by studying both the subtleties and the prevailing trends driving your customers to buy new vehicles. It doesn’t stop there, though. Our Strategy and Analytics teams are world class. They don’t just study car-buying data, they study things like local media consumption and lifestyle trends, and even which sports team is most popular in your part of the world.

In the hands of our pros, This data is used to set your Strategy, spark your Creative, drive your Media, and quantify your results. Even more—we can use our exclusive Media and Analytics tools to adjust your plan precisely, to eliminate waste the moment it is identified.


To truly set your dealer group apart, you need a team that lives and breathes the car business. Like many of the dealers whose stores have been in their families for generations, we’ve grown up in this business.

Our team consists of experts with decades of Automotive Marketing experience at both the Dealer Network and Factory levels, for both foreign and domestic makes, in Tiers 1, 2 and 3. We know how to work with your national agency and the factory marketing team to amplify the support they provide in a more localized respect. But more importantly, we know how to work with you, partnering with you to chart your course, to build marketing and communications plans that carve out increased sales when the market is strong and bigger share when it softens.


None of this would mean very much if we didn’t deliver with integrity and a sincere drive to participate in building your success. We embrace our role with you, not as a vendor, but as a partner, accountable to consistent return on your investment in our work. Because, like you, we know that in the long run, our service is even more important to our business than our sales.

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